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All Star Kids English Programmes emphasize English language training. With our professional teachers’ guidelines, student’s potential in both English and social development can be realized. Students will improve their English comprehension, speaking, writing, communication and social skills. Students will also learn the value of developing self-caring abilities.

All Star Kids English Programmes:

Focus 01: Academic Programme
Focus on English training and exercise (以英語訓練及練習)

Focus 02: Kidzania Programme
Focus on role play and a sense of duty (以職業角色扮演訓練責任感)

Focus 03: Montessori  Programme
Focus on tools for self-discipline skills (以小工具訓練自理能力)

Focus 04: Playgroup Programme
Focus on games and songs (以唱遊提升英語能力)

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Q: Why All Star Kids?

A: All Star Kids offers two All-in-One English Programmes guaranteed to enhance kids’ English abilities. Our programmes help students learn self-motivation, target-orientation assessments and socialization skills through our B Programmes and P Programmes. We have over 10 centres in Hong Kong for parents’ and students’ convenience.

Q: Why is All Star Kids unique?

A: Our programmes are led by Mark Ryan and K.Oten. Mark Ryan is Hong Kong’s most popular pre-school and primary teacher while K.Oten the most professional curriculum developer in Hong Kong, having adopted the best practices of Montessori and Kidzania on B Programmes, and of Cambridge and TOEFL Junior certifications on P Programmes.

Q: Can my kids join All Star Kids?

A: At All Star Kids, we offer two English programmes: B Programmes and P Programmes. All students from 1 year old to Primary 6 in Hong Kong can benefit from our specially designed curriculum, with informative assessments and a systematic promotion scheme. You can contact our Course Consultants on 2164-9999 for more details.